Infectious Diseases And Clinical Microbiology

Infectious diseases and clinical microbiology specialization, which is closely interested in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases caused by many microorganisms, including bacterial, viral, arester and fungal, in recent years, and if appropriate anti-microbial agents should be selected. is a branch that contributes to the treatment of these diseases by combining them and provides services in this regard.

Infectious diseases and drugs used in clinical microbiology
After receiving 3-4 or 5 years of education, although in different countries for different periods, infectious diseases are both closely related to laboratory diagnosis, and have been using some drugs especially in the recent years with some antibiotics, antivirals, antiparasitic drugs or antifungal drugs, organ transplantation. is a branch that contributes to the diagnosis and treatment of serious infections, including opportunistic infections in people who have had or have been immunocompromised, such as HIV infection.