What is Diabetic Foot Infection?


Today, as in the whole world, the number of diabetics or diabetes mellitus cases is increasing in our country. It is known that 5% of the society is exposed to diabetes. With the deterioration of the sugar regulation, the vascular structures can also deteriorate and, depending on the sufficiently, over the years, wounds, which we call diabetic foot ulcers, especially in the peripheral tissues and especially the feet, can be opened. Likewise, since the peripheral nervous system is affected and diabetic neuropathies can develop, diabetics are not able to notice some physical factors to which the feet are exposed, and our patients may be exposed to some physical factors such as high temperature or cutting puncture injuries.

This can cause wounds opened on their feet and these wounds become infected over time.
The problem of orthopedic infection frequently occurs in diabetic patients and these are generally called diabetic foot infections. Timely diagnosis and treatment of these infections is extremely important to protect our limbs, such as the feet and legs.