Can You Tell About Hepatitis B Disease?

Hepatitis B disease – a viral infection caused by the viral factor we call hepatitis B virus. Individuals exposed to the hepatitis B virus can carry this infection agent silently for years. They may be in a clinical picture that we call healthy carrier. On the other hand, hepatitis B virus active replication, showing the liver cell necrosis and after that leads to liver function loss and years of in some patients leading up to cirrhosis is a significant factor that can lead to liver cancer.

It is known that 2 million people in our country are exposed to the hepatitis B virus.
This approximate corresponds to 3% of our population. Therefore, the identification of these factors can lead to a very important time table and it is important to treat the disease. In infectious diseases and clinical microbiology outpatient clinics, it is easy to diagnose whether the hepatitis B virus is transported in the blood and whether or not there are protective antibodies against it, and it is now possible to start antiviral therapy for hepatitis B virus in individuals who have been found to continue or have active replication of the hepatitis B virus.

Therefore, performing these simple screening tests is important for our citizens, important for our people, and it is absolutely beneficial not to be neglected.
With the antiviral drugs, which are increasingly used in the last 10-15 years, it is now possible to control Hepatitis B virus infection easily and to prevent the complications such as liver cancer, such as cirrhosis, which we have just mentioned. Therefore, it is useful for families to be subjected to screening teasts in order to determine whether hepatitis B virus and immunity are present with their children.