Can You Tell About Hepatitis C Disease?

Viral hepatitis can generally be defined as liver infections. Among them, hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus are two important factors both in our country and in the world in terms of their chronicity causing liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. The hepatitis C virus has increased in developed European and American societies, especially with the increasing use of drugs in developed societies, with the spread of injection sharing for drugs and similar undesirable habits. In recent years, it is possible to transmit the hepatitis C virus to patients with the increasing use of drugs in our country, or where hygiene and sanitation measures in dental treatments are not paid sufficient attention to disinfection practices.

Symptoms of hepatitis C

While there are a limited number of treatment options related to the hepatitis C virus in the past, new antiviral treatment options have become possible today, effective, orally disposable daily use, minimal side effects and 90% successful results. For this reason, if our patients who have symptoms such as long-term weakness, sleepiness and limitation in effort capacity, such as anorexia, weakness, or if they apply to the nearest infectious diseases and clinical microbiology services or if they apply to the gastroenterology polyclinics, they will be screened for hepatitis C and hepatitis B diseases in a short time. done. And in individuals with active replication of hepatitis C virus, it is possible to start effective antiviral agents of the type I have just mentioned and to achieve successful results in as short as 2-3 months.