Can You Tell About Hepatitis A Disease?

Viral hepatitis all over the world and a major public health problem in Turkey is known to be. One of the most important of these is one of the most common Hepatitis A virus and the hepatitis A tables caused by it. Hepatitis is a picture that goes with liver cell necrosis and inflammation of the liver. After the table called hepatitis A caused by the hepatitis A virus, our patients are exposed to intense fatigue. Urine color darkening, stool color lightening, as well as some constitutional symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and weakness may accompany this picture.

As such, hepatitis A disease causes a significant loss of workforce by those exposed.
And it can be a disease that requires rest for a long time. Whether or not the person has been exposed to hepatitis A before can easily be determined by the tests performed, if it is seen that the person is not infected with hepatitis A, it is possible to protect people against hepatitis A with a rate of 9% and above with 2 doses that can be done at 6-month intervals. As of today, acute hepatitis A cases have no definitive antiviral treatment. Therefore, supportive therapy is important. If hepatitis A is detected in a timely manner and supportive treatment is given, our cases can recover at a rate of 100% without any problem.

However, in cases where supportive treatment is not given and not followed closely, it is possible to encounter undesirable results, although rare.
For this reason, routine vaccination of hepatitis A vaccines has been initiated recently in our country. For this reason, it is also important for hepatitis A that families are sensitive about their children and get their vaccinations on time. As we will talk about later, the hepatitis A virus can be transmitted by mouth with the hepatitis E virus, so it is important to consume food hygienically and follow the sanitation rules.