How Can We Prevent Diabetic Foot Infection Disease?


It is the main factor that diabetics have regular checks and ensure diabetes checks. If the patient has developed diabetic neuropathy over the years, if circulatory disorders called diabetic angiopathy have occurred, it is beneficial for patients to check their feet and soles on a daily basis during this period by using objects such as a mirror. Again, in order to protect foot health, it is important for our diabetes patients to use special shoes and to choose shoes made of special materials that include special insoles to protect the fingers and soles from pressure. Likewise, if any ulcer or wound has been opened, it is an important issue that if they reach their physician as soon as possible and encounter problems such as redness, swelling, pain, inflamed discharge around these ulcers or wounds, they should contact the infectious diseases and clinical microbiology outpatient clinics.

If they take such precautions, the risk of both diabetic ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers or diabetic foot infections will be reduced.
Diabetic foot can affect limbs and even life and life due to its versatile problems. Since such important side effects and complications can cause unwanted problems, the cases of diabetic foot infection are followed by a multidisciplinary unit such as orthopedists, physiotherapy, neurology, cardiovascular surgery cardiology, and infectious diseases and clinical microbiologist in this unit. It is important to find.

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