How Is AIDS Transmitted? What are the ways of protection?

Protecting AIDS diseases is transmitted through unprotected sex. An infectious disease that can be transmitted from man to woman or from woman to man and can be transmitted sexually does not affect the factor. However, risky sexual contacts are not the only contagious way. Sometimes unhygienic, disinfection rules that include tooth extractions are also for dental treatments, but unfortunately this disease can also be exposed. We also know that you can get out and spread about HIV infection.

Sterile syringe delivery programs of some such as the Netherlands had to be started.
The protection effect against HIV virus infection is important. A condom or a condom is another important measure in sexual relations. If sexual partners have diseases, they do not hide a known disease and your sexual partner. Rarely, pregnant women with AIDS who have been exposed to HIV are infected with their babies, including their pregnancies, while they are in the womb or on their birthdays.

It is useful to be careful.
The use of HIV infections, as well as hepatitis B hepatitis B hepatitis C virus, which have been carefully designed in advance of some screening tests.