What is the Status of AIDS in Our Country and in the World?

Unfortunately, HIV virus infections or AIDS disease tables, which were first described 25 years ago, are increasing day by day. Especially in some geographical regions of the world, the geography of our country such as Eastern Europe and Russia, and parts of Africa are now endemic regions in terms of HIV disease.

In some continents such as Europe and America, the rate of increase could be stopped with some measures taken HIV disease.
However, it is known that HIV cases increase rapidly in some geographical regions where our country is located. For this reason, we have citizens who have registered HIV virus infections reaching 13000 today. To prevent HIV disease, avoiding risky sexual contacts, avoiding unprotected sexual relations, using condoms such as condom condoms in sexual relations, avoiding sexual relations outside of marriage and having a single partner habit can be stated as important issues.

It is known that 35 million individuals are infected with the HIV virus among the sizes it reaches in the world.
It is known that one out of every 3-4 individuals in some parts of Africa carries this virus. As we have just mentioned in our country, we have a significant number of citizens infected with HIV, reaching 13000. Therefore, it is vital to take these and similar measures.